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Our wide, reliable network of quality manufacturers and vendors help us make good on our promise.
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How Is Fortune Solar Unique From Others?

We believe in delivering unparalleled service, providing more choices and access to clean, affordable and reliable energy with customised options to fit any home and budget, just like we've been doing for many years.
We Design Solar Panel System
Fortune Solar prides ourselves on our ability to adapt to your energy needs with our solar designs. Each house is unique in terms of requirement of energy, and it depends upon factors like number of members in the family, usage of electrical appliances etc.
Wide Network Of Cec Accredited Installers
We have a huge network of CEC accredited installers to reach out to more customers and promote clean & green energy. We select experienced installers with a high level of knowledge and skill in engineering and installing quality solar energy systems.
Trusted Cec Approved Members
We believe in quality products and installations. Interest of our customers are always kept as a first priority and therefore, we ensure to follow all CEC guidelines and we are a trusted approved Member of CEC.
Excellent After-sales Support
Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we ensure smooth and satisfactory solar system installation and focus on strong after-sales service support.

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Why Choose Fortune Solar Panels?

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Free evaluation & quote
Our team of solar consultants will spend enough time with you to evaluate, assess, and understand your energy consumption and consequent requirement before recommending a suitable design, customised for you.
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A team of seasoned professionals
With one industry expert always dedicated to your project, we ensure that you are never alone in your journey. Right from the first evaluation and quote to the delivery, installation, and warranty of your solar system, you will always have a helping hand.
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Workmanship warranty
With 5-Year Full System Warranty, you can sit back and make the most of your solar system without any worries. Our professional Technical Team is only a call away.
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Multiple finance options
Fortune Solar provides you with multiple easy finance options to help you get started with your solar journey like finance option with no upfront payment and almost guaranteed cash flow from the first month itself.
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Cutting-edge technology
We assess and estimate your energy and solar power requirements as accurately as possible, using revolutionary technology including high-resolution satellite imagery.
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Customised designs & solutions
We believe in a customised approach for every requirement. No one-site-fits-all approach. Our experts recommend you solar solutions that tailored specifically to cater to your unique household / business requirements.
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We’ve created this free eBook packed with useful tips and information covering everything from the bottom-line cost benefits of solar to choosing the right system for your home. It even details what to expect during each step of the installation process.
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