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We are committed to making solar power simpler and delivering 100% quality, tailored solar energy solutions for both households as well as businesses.
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As one of the fastest-growing solar PV retailers, we believe in understanding the requirement and expectation of the customer from the solar PV system. Rather than just offering the standardised solar packages, we focus on providing tailor-made solar solutions designed to ensure a higher return on their solar investment.
Every property is different in terms of the power requirement. Hence, one standard solar solution never works out to be a feasible solution. Our solar experts make all efforts to understand individual requirements and recommend a customised solar solution as per the individual customer's need that helps them reduce their electricity costs to a considerable extent and maximise their savings.
We also understand that each customer is unique in terms of their finances. Our solar experts propose the best cash or payment plan deals in alignment with the financial plan of the customers. Various payment plan options available with us motivates them to use solar power without any additional burden.
Savings generated from solar helps them to repay their solar PV system over a period of time with an ease and own a solar PV system which generates power for them for a long time.
All these, of course, lead to a major cause of contributing to a pollution-free environment with a reduced dependency on the traditional pollution-emitting energy sources and creating a win-win situation for all.
Our journey doesn’t end here. We also have a strong belief that our customers are our promoters. Each satisfied customer helps spread solar awareness and educates more and more people to go solar, thereby helping our mission of a pollution-free environment. Therefore, we have built a strong service team that believes in keeping our customer satisfied at all times.
A combination of quality products, competitive price and smooth service makes us an inevitable choice if you are looking to get a solar solution for your property.
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We empower the customers with adequate knowledge and information on solar PV systems to make informed decisions and the right choice.

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To be one of the leading solar PV retailers by enhancing the benchmarks of quality and service resulting in customer delight.

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Harness Renewable Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint


Harness Renewable Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint

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