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Why Alpha Battery?

Harness Renewable Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Batteries capture and store unused energy generated by your solar panels for you to use when the sun isn’t shining. By harnessing natural energy from the sun, it’s a cleaner, greener solution to powering your home and achieving energy independence.
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Alpha Battery
Alpha Battery

Knowing What’s The Right Solar Battery Solution For You

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Solar battery storage isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Your PV solar system and how you use power will help determine the right capacity for you. The capacity of a solar battery is how much power it can store. But getting the biggest battery isn’t always the best option for every household. There is no point in having a 5 litre bucket if you only have 1 litre to carry. We want to match a battery solution to you. Making sure your battery stores the right amount of power you generate without too much over flow or without wasted space. Choosing the right battery capacity will see you getting a better return on your investment sooner. With a number of modular systems also available you can expand your system if your household needs change. When the kids move out and your home is using less power during the day, you could add another battery to store more excess power from your solar system. Reducing waste and increasing solar usage when the sun goes down.



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Fortune Solar® prides ourselves on our ability to adapt to your energy needs with our solar designs. Each house is unique in terms of requirement of energy, and it depends upon factors like number of members in the family, usage of electrical appliances etc.

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Harness Renewable Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint


Harness Renewable Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint

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