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  • 6.6kW
  • 9.9kW
  • 13.3kW
  • 15kW

6.6kW Solar Packages

18 x 370W Mono Perc Panels
1 x 5kW WiFi Enabled Inverter

9.9kW Solar Packages

27 x 370W Mono Perc Panels
1 x 8kw WiFi Enabled Inverter

13.3kW Solar Packages

36 x 370W Mono Perc Panels
1 x 10kw WiFi Enabled Inverter

15kW Solar Packages

41 x 370W Mono Perc Panels
1 x 15kw WiFi Enabled Inverter
  • 6.6kW
  • 9.9kW
  • 13.3kW
  • 15kW

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Fortune Solar Company

Solar Panels

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Seraphim Half Blade Solar Panels
astro solar
Astronergy Solar Panels

Solar Inverters

growatt solar
Growatt Solar Inverter
solis inverter
Solis Solar Inverter
fronius solar
Fronius Solar Inverter
solis inverter
Sungrow Solar Inverter

Solar Batteries

Fortune Solar
LG Chem Solar Battery
solar inverter
Solax Triple Solar Battery
Fortune Solar Company

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