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Our Solar Process

Tailoring a design
Quotation & contract
Solution & design
Delivery & installation
Maintenance & support
The first step to ensuring that we design and deliver solar system tailored specially to your requirements. The initial assessment happens over a call, followed by an extensive process assessing your current energy bills and checking if your site qualifies for solar, using advanced 3D aerial imagery technology.
If your site proves to be a good match for solar, our team of solar expert and designers will design a system specifically suited to your site, for maximum efficiency.
Once you are satisfied with the proposal, design, and services, we issue you a quotation for your solar system. The contract lists complete information regarding the project, with product range, price, finance options, warranties, customer right, etc.
Our seasoned and trained solar consultants will review your design and its efficiency, including warranty, evaluate your finance options, tax incentives and more. Multiple solar system options shall be provided to you, out of which one may be finalised as per your convenience.
A dedicated project management team looks after permits, inspections, connections and more to ensure the delivery and quality installation of your solar system. Our accredited partner installers ensure quality delivery, complaint with regulations.
With 5-Year Full System Warranty, you can sit back and make the most of your solar system without any worries. Our professional Technical Team is only a call away.
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Browse through multiple solar systems designs customised for residential and commercial energy purposes in Melbourne. We also provide a number of easy finance options to make your switch to solar simpler.
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