What's On Your Mind?

  • Can I make additions to increase the size of my system in the future?
    It’s possible, depending upon the space available on your roof as well as the capacity of your inverter. Alternatively, you can install a second solar PV system, in addition to your existing one.
    Important to remember: We highly advise you to check with your energy provider the effects of your additional solar system on your existing feed-in-tariff.
  • How do I find out how much I pay for electricity?
    The quickest and simplest way to determine that is to study your energy bills carefully, i.e. how much energy you have consumed in a particular billing period. Another option is to simply give us a call at Fortune Solar® to seek guidance. Our solar experts would gladly help you analyse exactly how much energy you currently consume and estimate how much you would be requiring for future consumption.
  • How long does it take to install the system after confirming the order?
    Once your order is confirmed, the estimated time period for metro installations is 4 to 6 weeks, while regional installations may take 6 to 8 weeks.
  • What are the benefits of going solar?
    Switching to solar has countless benefits, the most significant of which are:
    • Lower energy bills
    • Increased property value
    • Solar rebates & tax incentives
    • Feed-in-tariff
    • Energy independence
    • Protection against rising energy prices
    • Reduces carbon footprint
    • Good ROI
  • What is net metering?
    Net metering refers to the approach that energy providers use to provide credit to solar owners against the energy generated by their solar PV system. Net metering, in other words, means you pay only for any excess energy used by you above and beyond the energy generated by the solar panels. The policies may vary from state to state. It is advisable to confirm and check in with your energy provider before you get your system installed.
  • How do I check the performance of my solar system?
    Most of the inverters available come with a built-in display, enabling a live data feed of the power generation of your solar system. Additionally, most of these systems also provide you with historical data regarding its performance over time. A Wifi-ready solar inverter can be connected to your home broadband and enable you to track its performance through online / mobile portals.
  • Who do I contact for the warranty claim in case of any fault on the product?
    All your warranty claims will be addressed by your point of contact at Fortune Solar®.
  • What is Feed-in Tariff?
    Feed-in tariff is an incentive offered by energy providers to encourage switching to renewable energy sources like solar. It promises a particular amount in exchange of excess electricity sent back to the grid. Owners of solar systems receive feed-in tariffs in cents per kWh. The rates vary from state to state, depending also upon the size of the solar system, installation date, and its efficiency.
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